Friday, June 13, 2014

Thing 3

iHome Sleep

I decided to load the iHome Sleep application on my iPad since I recently purchased an iHome clock-radio. I was a little confused by the physical buttons on the iHome clock-radio but figured those out. I used the MPR app so I could fall asleep listing to the news. The sleep log is interesting. You have the option to snooze by shaking the device but with a tablet I found it easier to just swipe the snooze button. Setting up multiple alarms works well since I usually sleep in a bit on the weekends. I found this reliable enough to use it as my regular alarm. The recent update to the iHome app really makes the interface even more polished.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Thing 2

So I picked up an iPad since I have had an Android tablet and was frustrated with the fragmentation that is happening with the Android OS. I found the IOS 7 tips very helpful. I had no idea you could close out running apps with a combination of double tapping the home button and swipe up.

Another good tip is to turn Airdrop off if you aren't really using it (like me). This will save battery life.

23 Mobile Things - Thing 1

I already had a Blogger account set up so I created a new blog for 23ThingsMobile. I hope to learn more about apps available for my mobile devices that can make me more productive both at work and at home.